My room is almost a room~

Yesterday before the graduation pictorial day, me and Christian fixed a lot of stuff in my room starting from my collection of magazines, stationery, pens, sticky notes and etc.

I must say he is good in this haha! He did complain at some point about how hard it is having a room then we also posted up the Kzone posters I’ve been keeping for like, since 1st year high school.

It’s not very done yet though as mom and dad’s stuff are still there plus mom requested to let me have my aunts luggage for the mean time. I am however listing down stuff I need to make it more like a room like bamboo blinds to make it look more homey then a table, mirrors, etc. Miheeehee. I am so excited to decorate my room all the time <3 No pictures yet though okay? It still looks like a mess (>u<)

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