On to another year!

It’s another, it’s another empty year oh :0

But here we are, I just renewed again (I almost didn’t, for the nth time)

For what it’s worth, I think the many years I have this domain is proof that one can keep a name for years…but not design the website (Hahaha, I am so so so so sorry) I do have the means now but not the spirit and energy.)

Maybe next year is the year, don’t give up – they say. I’ll stop the day that all my clients decide to no longer new but as it stands, yes there are still some nice folks believing in my little humble hosting website 😀

People come and go, but new doors open, and new people come in to. Here’s to another year ahead, and hope to finish what needs to be done!

For hosting concerns, you can always email at webmaster@oh-rainbow.net, thanks, dear reader 🙂

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