Hello 2020!

I intended to make/apply a new layout during last year’s anniversary but it’s just really hard when you’re not on your good side to work on these things or the spirit I guess?

But you know, I can’t believe our little web hosting is now actually 10 years! LOL. Or wait, is it 11? (10 or 11 years static website for a hosting site too LOL)

Despite the fact that you see, there’s this only static page/posts it’s actually still operating. But I’m mostly hosting only a few clients, or the same clients we’ve been with for 10 years.

Website stuff isn’t really my main interest now but I’m glad I am still able to keep up, I think.

With that said, I am still accepting web hosting clients, so just shoot me an email should you need it 🙂

See you around, and here’s to new great year!

For quotes and such just email ohrainbow.us@gmail.com