Chowking =)

I don’t have a picture. What a bummer! It’s because I was so hungry. Well you see, we ordered Chowking online and I told my parents I’m it! (Meaning, I will pay) since I don’t think I’ll be getting the chance to buy a Nokia X5 anytime this month, Kimstore of Multiply kinda disappoints me. They’re rude!

Well, I want to still have it even if I’ll get it for a higher price than expected price, hopefully just about eleven thousand or so. It’s because even if it will be out it would be no fun because I won’t be unique =) I love being the only one who ‘has’ it. Unfortunately, life is cruel to me =)

Good thing about today though, is I got a new kitten and I named her “Paw” because I was to name her Panda because she looks like a Panda, however, we already have a cat named “Kungfu Panda” whom we named after the movie, coincidentally, that movie is still showing and I watched it in cinema! Tomorrow, we might watch XMEN too, I told mom and dad I want to watch a movie with them because it’s been awhile =) And yesterday, I didn’t blog because I was really, not in the mood plus my netbook went out of battery too soon. I figured it’d be better to fully charge it because I’ve been charging with the battery which will just corrupt my battery life. Now it’s about 5 hours only, used to be 6. Hah!

Hopefully, by the July to October, I’ll be able to get my dream laptop, probably an i5 or i7 laptop. *Wishing* So, this is becoming really long! I got to firewall my VD vps and then transfer a couple of sites from Hostgator =) Then sleep!