A little request.

Good day everyone!

Yesterday, we emailed all website owners who own websites hosted for free by Oh Rainbow Hosting regarding the link back issue. It’s just that we noticed some of you weren’t giving proper credit to our website. It might be a bit annoying to you but we’re doing this to play fair for the others that have linked us. And remember, we’re hosting you for free and if you are, there are rules to be followed. As stated..

Before you sign up, please copy and save a link button of Oh Rainbow Hosting. Once your application has been accepted, please remember to place a link button of our website which will be seen in all pages of your website – footer, sidebar or header. If you are linking our website to a certain page only we can suspend your account. We promise to host you as long as Oh Rainbow exists, and by placing our link buttons, you help share about us to all your friends and other bloggers. Hopefully, for every customer the longer our free hosting services will be.

For those who have placed us in the credits, we thank you a lot. But we would really appreciate it more if you put a link to our website in every pages (in your footer/sidebar). We are very thankful for those who linked us in all pages automatically without being told, and for those who took action after receiving our emails and messages. For the rest, we could not contact you or you haven’t checked your email.

I hope we don’t sound mean but, we’ll be checking after a week (as said in our email) if everyone has properly linked us. If not, we will suspend their accounts. If ever you get suspended we have reminded you, it’s on your part to take responsibility of your actions.

We will also be suspending websites who have been really inactive, let’s say, for a 2 months already because we actually stated before that we suspend accounts of websites hosted for free without further notice if they have been inactive for two months, we have revised the rule concerning to that we will instead suspend those who are inactive for a month.

If ever your website gets suspended, you can always contact us to unsuspend it. However, please give us a valid reason why we should and we did our best to contact you in case your excuse is that you weren’t told about this.

Thank you very much for understanding and cooperation! Especially who’ve appreciate our hard work very much.