The Honey Moon.

It's love.

A friend of mine just got married! Well, pretty early since she’s my age. But I don’t blame her, things happen – people fall in love. They fall so hard they commit things they shouldn’t do yet, so they decide on their own that “they’re ready”. So, instead of blaming why not just give our blessings? It’s God’s plan after all.

I was almost out of ideas to give but thank God I finally found a gift that they might like. Since, I myself, is no longer kid. I know after wedding day people have their honey moon. I thought of giving a sexy bridal lingerie! Haha, sounds naughty I know but it can help spice up their night 🙂

I just hope that they will live happily and be responsible in this step they took. Marriage is a very heavy thing to deal with, you know what I mean. Anyways, congratulations to them!♥