Terms and Agreements

Client Problems

For client problems, please approach us via ticket, via contact form or straight to our email ohrainbow.us@gmail.com to avoid further issues. We strongly suggest you talk to us asap if problems occur so I can do something about it. We will not treat you personally but ethically.

Client Support

We do not assure we can go online 24/7 but we promise to respond 24 to 48 hours at most times. In case of troubles you can also contact us directly our email or this contact number +639166791418
Domains are to be shouldered by the buyer. Domains are optional when buying hosting plans, those who are requesting for free hosting cannot be provided domains unless stated.

Domain Transfer

Domain transfer to your account will require a fee of $2, and if you want to transfer to another registrar it will require a fee of $5, excluding your payment for transfer of the domain.


You are responsible for your backups, however I also do weekly backups by request which will require a small fee of $3 monthly.

Website Content

Regarding website content, we strongly advice you choose the ones you put in your site. Refrain from putting illegal items such as illegal downloads, music, games and etc because once we find out we will suspend you. Also, make sure that all your content are truly yours or are allowed for personal or commercial use. We also prohibit websites that promotes criticism, cyber bullying, hacking and also racism.


Payments are made yearly and very affordable. Once you order, we will process your request for account activation within 24 to 48 hours. We cannot accept payments other than Paypal payments, Unionbank Payments, Cebuana Lhuillier Payments or Unionbank Transfer. We also accept Gcash payments.


Usage of Files

We will terminate accounts whose sole purpose is only for file storage as we cannot tolerate that. We also do not approve of using scripts on your website that use up our CPU sources, therefore look out if your account is using too much bandwidth or disk space – if it is reaching it’s limit.

Price changes

Prices may change anytime to improve services offered to all of clients, however be assured that your old plan will still the same unless you feel like upgrading.

Cancellation of Service

If you do not wish to continue your hosting with us, please inform mus so we can find out the reason why or at least find out a solution to the problem or reason of dissatisfaction you have experienced.


We provide 10 day refund to our customers – if within 10 days you are not satisfied with our services we will return 5o% of the money you have paid us.

Account Suspension

If by any chance you have not followed the T&A of our company also our main host, we have the right to suspend your account. After 7 days, if you we receive no response from you we will have to terminate your account.

Account Restoration

Restoration of accounts that has been suspended requires a $2 fee. Also, accounts that has been terminated cannot be restored anymore.

Account Transfer

If you have a tar.gz file from your old host, you can request for it to be restored in our hosting system but know that it will require $2 fee.

Changes to Terms and Agreements

Change of agreements and terms can be made at anytime. So please look out because maybe things have changed around here. If so we update, don’t worry for we will inform you.

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