Trip Emergencies!

Vacation trips, family outing and other activities done outside home. Aren’t they just fun? Well, I’m not really a fan of going outdoors but I still enjoy those.

However, there are mishaps such as when something wrong just keeps on happening. My cousin called me up and told me about hers. They were on a field trip, then the bus they were on suddenly just gave up! Their whole field trip was ruined. I’d hate that. Luckily they got home earlier instead of waiting there until the bus was fixed with the help of some people there.

That’s what I don’t want to experience. So I thought, maybe there’s a way to avoid this. Then, with Mr. Google, I found out about road emergency services like rv travel emergency service. With their help, towing your broken cars won’t be so hard and they’re easy to contact especially now, that they have their iPhone application.

It would be a shame if a happy trip would end up as a soggy day! So I suggest you download their application and don’t forget their contact numbers. I just don’t know if they’re available here in Philippines, ah, I hope so!

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