What is FTP?

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the generic term for a group of computer programs aimed at facilitating the transfer of files or data from one computer to another. It originated in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the early 1970s when mainframes, dumb terminals and time-sharing were the standard.

(from TechFaq)

Our meaning >:)

FTP allows the user to transfer files from their computer to another, for example: A website owner wants to transfer a huge number of files for a WordPress theme, or for plugins – FTP makes it easier since you can transfer numbers of folders at the same time. It’s also handy when you’re trying to create a new theme, because all you have to do is overwrite the old ones when you reupload the updated one.

How do I access my FTP Account?

To access your FTP Account, there are several programs you can find like CoreFTP, CuteFTP and even Firefox’s very own FireFTP. Whichever you install, all you have to remember to access your FTP account are three things

  • FTP Host Address
  • FTP Account Username
  • FTP Account Password

For domain owners, the account username and password for your FTP account is the same with your cPanel account.

The automatic host address is the domain itself or ftp.yourdomain.com

ie. ftp.ilove-pink.info

As for subdomain owners, if your account comes with a cpanel like what our website provides, you are also given a username and password automatically by your host. But if it’s a subdomain provided by a website that’s hosted on a shared hosting, normally the ftp account will go something like this:


i.e dreams@bemyangel.co.cc

Then a password will be provided by your main domain host. However, there are also cases

when the main domain host chooses different usernames for their subdomain hostees. But anyway,

if they do it will always have @domain.com at the end.

Hope this gave you more understanding with what FTP does and is!

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