Where do I start?

Feeling down lately, I don’t feel like blogging anymore and I’m running out of inspiration. But I’m still trying. Then I also think I might just cancel some of my dedicated ips since, they’re really not doing any better for me anyways 😐

I’m running out of hope. Huhu. Maybe blogging isn’t for me? LOL. I don’t know. It’s keeping me from finishing my personal blog’s layout and starting up with my other plans 🙁

Well, hopefully, later, I’ll be energized. For now I will sleep because of my drowsy eyes and headache. I just thought I had to update this blog because I missed it *n*

I’m sorry, it’s just that the world is so unfair so I decided to stop blogging daily on all my blogs for quite awhile. Maybe I’ll get the spirit to do so later. Hoping!

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