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Ah, the heat! I can’t believe it’s rainy season because it’s so hot today. I can’t stand it. I am always thirsty and I’m sweating like there’s no tomorrow, yuck!

I wish I was in Las Vegas baby! Yeah I wish so, unfortunately I can’t go there – at least, at this moment. I heard about an excellent las vegas hotel and casino that my friend went to and it’s really nice. I envy her. She says she had lots of fun, how about me? I wish she bought me a ticket to fly there.

Well, I’ve no choice but to sulk while I melt in this hateful weather. Maybe next year or the other next year I’ll get to Vegas. It’s the home of casino gaming and all stuff like that. I just have to make sure I reserve to a homey hotel as well – I wish I’ll be with my parents and friends.

Ah, sorry if I sound too dreamy it just makes me happy even if it the temperature is already melting me down. Some how, it cheers me up! And so, if you’re on a hunt for somewhere to go you should check Vegas out. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it there.

If you do, don’t forget my gifts. Nyahaha, it will really be thoughtful of you to at least bring me home some remembrance and fun stories (since I can’t have them myself)

So, have fun with rainy season – that feels like summer! Ohhh, I’m going to rest now I can’t take it anymore.

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