My birthday is almost there.! I’m celebrating it on Saturday though. I’m so excited to see my friends in high school and college then my best friends after a long time. I always spent my birthday with a few people only. I hope they will have fun too, I want spaghetti! Haha.

I hope I’ll be able to finish one of my client’s site too tomorrow then that I’ll be able to cancel my hosting with that host that gave me trouble. It’s such a pain. I’m kind of feeling better even if we’ve moved out our old home.. I still love it there, but they say change is good. Lol, okay, you get me – I have my own room in where we’re staying! So yes I want to stay here because of that! I’m not using it now though, it’s still so messy here. Every day, I fix things little by litte.

I hope by Friday it’s sorted out. Well, see you then!

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