Sleepless Halloween!

Well, guess who haven’t slept for 24 hours.\ (YAY)/

To top that, I just found out something’s up with one of my blogs which I have kept for five years. The database is gone (>~<). Where did it go?!!

I already contacted my web host because I didn’t really do anything since my last post there around September 19, 2015. My fear however is they had a corrupt back up when they last migrated it. I remember it working fine some days ago though so. WHYYYYY.

I hope they have a working backup with the database safe because as you know, I have put off backing up for a looong time now. I just, feel lazy. Guess I need to somehow start that now, starting with this one.

Google cache doesn’t help much at this point as it can’t cache the whole site, just single pages which might not be too long so I’ll also have to document and save what I can.

It really doesn’t bother me much but some posts are pretty important y’know? Huhu. So I hope something good or a miracle happens. Lesson learned ~ BACK UP AT LEAST MONTHLY. While I don’t post a lot I guess I still should back up monthly to avoid such events like this. It’s horrible (~_~,)