EDM Duo Adventure Club Talks Canada’s Indie Music Scene & More

What does it take to be a musician artist? Well, for sure, there are many factors. You’d need not only your talent but you’ll also need connections – that’s where TuneCore steps in. They find ways for musicians to find their way to reach their dreams – such as that of how EDM Duo, Adventure Club reached theirs.

Adventure Club is a Montreal-based electronic dance music duo.  Composed of Christian Srigley and Leighton James, they have worked hard to grow their career independently and recently we were able to catch up with them as told in this story here.

Being in the independent Indie music industry, Adventure Club shared their story on how they worked their way up to the stage.

“Coachella was one of our number 1 goals when starting the Adventure Club project.  To finally see it culminate was surreal.  We got to close out the Sahara tent both weekends in front of fans who actually knew words to our songs—definitely one of our biggest achievements thus far.”

With Indie music making its ways to many audiences especially in Canada, Adventure Club is sure to indeed make a real adventure of their lives – hand in hand with TuneCore to reach out for more people to hear their master piece.

This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.

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