I want something but…

I can go on a shopping spree! Yay! However, not for me – I think. I’m having thoughts if I should spend on something because for one I do not know what I want to buy (or there are just too many and I can’t afford them all)

I can’t decide. I can’t believe this is me having enough money but not doing any actual shopping. I even already feel bad losing  $1.00 (50 PHP) which I just did, because I subscribed to BIS for one day (into thinking I’ll used it instead of our fluctuating internet, gah!)

So, I’m guessing the best idea is to make a list of people to give gifts to already – so by Saturday or Sunday, I can go on gift shopping instead. As for myself, I did buy something online and I still have money coming in the next few weeks so maybe by then, I’ll have an idea on what I want for Christmas as a treat for my hard work…or I’ll just save them until I hit my goal again!

I already hit my goal for Christmas, but I have to give it to dad to add up for that uber expensive Mac Book Air. Yup, correct – I’d feel very bad if he had to spend most of his money on that so I told him I’d also contribute :)

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