Being lazy has been an everyday battle for me. So, to fight it somehow, I make myself use a bunch of organizer applications/web services (although I still forget, it helps)

One of these is iDonethis. I discovered this nifty web service when I was still working on the corporate world (thanks to my old folks!) And it has been forever useful. I recently used it as well with one of my other web projects, although trial expired already (sadly)


It helps me have a sort of “report” of the day. When you’re trying to do business on your own (and still not good at it) it keeps you ‘inspired’ to work harder and to stay on deadline. After all, good reports impresses bosses, with iDonethis, you can impress yourself to yourself!

This makes you more focused on a task, and to keep track of what you’ve done so far – so you’ll be reminded to work harder and accomplish more tasks.

In managing my very small number of clients, I make use of it heavily so I can also track what’s been done and who’s who that need to be informed of their renewal dates (I do renewal notifs manually since I want to always double check!)

iDonethis will surely help you in your daily tasks, whether it’s for personal, work, projects and business! So maybe give it a try one of these days and see the difference it can make!


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