Just a few things

Here are some of the other stuff my mom got me when we went on a shopping spree at National Bookstore. I love love love it! I also still have my old print-outs of how to write Japanese.

Let's learn Japanese!
Let’s learn Japanese!

My problem however is finding time and squeezing activities in my oh so very happy schedule during weekends…that’s mostly composed of sleeping late and waking up late. Haha. I really got to work on that.

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  1. I love the Japanese language. I learned how to write, speak and read in college as part of our curriculum. But, as years went by, my skills got rusty and I can speak, read and write little now which I am so disappointed. My daughter is picking up pace though in learning the language. She’s an anime freak hahaha.

    As for your sleeping late and waking up late, I guess you can retune your time if you adjust your sleeping time few minutes earlier that the last time each week and set your alarm clock to go off few minutes earlier as well. Maybe that’ll fix the habit. 😉

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