Just think positive

“Life throws challenges and every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it.”
― Amit Ray, World Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird

I added this inspiring quote above at my sidebar because it really made me want to think positive. Lately, my internet life hasn’t been too good.

First I lost my 8 year old twitter account last July and twitter apparently, “will not unsuspend’ in anyway so I just moved on and used my more recent account. It made me dislike social networking…apart from Facebook since it’s mainstream and essential to this day.

Next up is that I’m currently job less. Well, it’s partly my fault for quitting because I really wanted a new breathe of air and wanted to break, but this also means I’m broke haha. But I hope something good comes along the way. Quite honestly, I haven’t ‘tried’ so I won’t see any results either.

Lastly is that because recently one of my blogs, as I’ve been mentioning had lost its database. And me, being the lazy girl me just haven’t had ANY back ups at all at the moment for it, not even last years or the last five years. I might have to start from scratch or something and hopefully be able to retrieve some others that are pretty important posts. I’d like to think of it to look like that I just cleaned up the website so, help me God.

Really, I know these things I’m worried of or consider problems may be not as much as those who suffer daily to eat and all, but at the moment, let’s just think positive whatever the problem is. Something, somehow, good things will come our way. Right?

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