Oh winners!

And finally, the uuuber long contest is over. Cheers for the winners! You deserve a big round of applause!!!

Click pictures for closer views!


Oh and by the way, I forgot where in Random.Org the random line generator is so I used Random-Line-Picker instead.

Everyone who got to the 2nd stage of the contest are included:)

Congratulations again. So for the winners, please contact us  by sending an email to ohrainbow.us@gmail.com

With the email title, “I’m a winner!” then in your message, please indicate which winner you are (random, 1st/2nd) or (1st-3rd Voting), your name, and the prizes that you will claim so we’ll be able to send details regarding how to claim them:)

Prizes will be forfeited if you don’t contact us within 5 days.

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