I survived.

Today, err, tonight – since the day is almost over. I had to copy paste posts  from Google Cache of my post for about half the year. Luckily they’re not a lot. Thanks to Google Cache. And I just wasted 5 hours of my weekend -_- thanks to my previous host of this site O_O

I need to do posts later, but it’s good everything’s somehow okay. I guess I DO need to make back ups now seeing as I have many posts. I was crying awhile ago and how much more if it happened to all of my sites. I know, I’ve been careless lately with my blogs and all. I hate that the posts no longer have much tags and the comments are gone. I don’t feel like creating them on my own since it’s pretty awkward but maybe I’ll try to do that tomorrow because I feel bad for not having those comments of before here.. And I feel very tired rather than relaxed with no worries. And then there’s work on Monday. Lulz.

So this is for now, I’ll be hunting down a sole host for this site and I hope I find a good one!