Nameserver Change!

Hi everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates, especially with the contest :/ Eek. I hope you’re not mad. I’ll be updating that on Sunday (for reals) it’s just that I’ve been offline more these days..and a bit of lack of interest with blogging. Hah! I hope you understand. Don’t worry, the contest is still up, and isn’t that better? I’ve given enough time for all participants!

Anyway, the title says it all. This Friday and Saturday, there’s been trouble because most of my hostees couldn’t see their websites. I thought it was because our main host’s data center was attacked by some hacker..(well it could be partly a reason).

But it turns out, our private nameservers aren’t working ( and I was instructed to change nameservers to and I was only able to change the domains under my control, as for the ones that aren’t please change them right away if you can’t see your sites, it can help solve the problem so you can see them.

Again, please change nameservers to

Sorry for the inconvenience! Oh, and by the way, free hosting application is now officially closed.