Hello 2023.

Here’s a new post for this year (>u<) Hello, it’s 2023. I actually had a lot in mind to say before I went here – but the new WP interface is just confusing for me *_* gasp (all this blocks are making my head ache…ugh).

I actually renewed this domain again with using it again as a personal blog in mind –  over my current one (that yes, I couldn’t update, again..) It’s too expensive to renew this year for something I hardly use (//n\\)

I mean, this is what it used to be anyway. So, maybe I can do that (maybe) however this space is also dedicated for Oh Rainbow Hosting, so, I don’t know..

So, here I am again and as usual, I couldn’t sleep because of the many thoughts I wanted to blog about >u< It’s been years I know, but I really missed blogging like this. I haven’t been feeling like it due to many other hobbies and because of the layout which I seriously want to make but when you don’t have a pc you can’t do much coding >n<

I’m thinking I’ll just try anyways one of these days, if not this month maybe to push through this plan on my birthday. I always set my birthday as my 2nd “New Year”. I wonder if anyone is also like this, hehe.

It’s the same with New Year’s resolution, whenever I fail doing it on the 1st month of the year I always say “well, I can do the reset on my birthday I guess?” however, I unfortunately also fail on my birthday >u< >u< >u< It goes the same whenever I want to do something like journaling or 365 something. I wonder, how do the people who succeed in doing that even succeed. It’s so hard to keep up especially when there’s so much to do in a day, and so much sleep to catch on (or want)

While I personally just stay at home, thanks to my partner, there’s always so many things to do. The chores are endless and when I want to rest I’d rather play games or read..or watch a movie. Hmm, I always wish I could go back in time and go back a little to do more.

But this year, I hope I can organize my life better since I think life is a bit more relax and better. I hope.

So to end this post I guess I’d like to make goals, (I won’t succeed at most or not at all but at least I tried?)

  • Be more organized in life
  • Be able to finish more projects in mind
  • Get rid of so many things I don’t need

The last is for the fact that we recently moved homes and I’m still in the progress of moving my stuff. I have so many collections of things but I don’t think I’ll be able to take them all with me :<

Anyway, that’s for tonight err..today, it’s actually morning. I’ll probably fail again today since I couldn’t sleep but well, tomorrow is another day? Yeah..it is.