Server Transfer Updates

Our main hosts has announced to us a server transfer that’s why we asked for everyone to refrain from making updates because chances are, you will lose these updates when they restore our accounts after the transfer – and now, needless to say it’s done and we can now all update our websites! Hooray!

We can already experience the change, it’s now faster. Hopefully it will be like that all the time. If you’ve noticed our website was also down yesterday having the “Error Database Connection” because the admin accidentally deleted the WordPress Database and other Databases. But anyway, it’s been restored. Good thing! Yet we are still going to change our layout soon, the pages and etc. more surprises in store, cheaper and better hosting plans.

Thanks for your cooperation and patience everyone!

If you don’t seem to see any changes in your cPanel (the name of the nameserver is still the same) please delete website browser cookies, cache and etc. For some, it might also take a long while to update. For questions please email us at if you have any trouble. You can also catch us in our twitter account (@_ohrainbow)

EDIT: Please update/change domain nameservers to

To avoid seeing “Suspended” page:)

You can now all update 🙂