Shangri La Hotel

Mom says we’ll be staying up to 8 am here at Shangri La Hotel in Edsa. To tell you the truth I was really surprised we are here, I mean, they never told me, NOOO. At first I was even mad. But oh well, the experience isn’t so bad. It’s my first time to stay here. So far, so good. The rooms aren’t huge but it’s very complete – huge lcd tv, clean and huge comfort room (with bathtub woohoo I shall try).

Shangri La Hotel, inside :P
Shangri La Hotel, inside 😛

The view from the windows aren’t so good at night though. Gee. Anyway, I shall enjoy it. The internet is awesome  – 3.85 mbps *u*

Also, their mall is very near so you can buy things you want at almost anytime (except when the mall is already closed of course!)

I did notice one thing, they’ve got very few electricity outlets. Huhu. Oh well, guess I should have brought my extension given that I charge too many thingy majies lol.

Over all I give it  4 stars and it’s great to stay in here – but pretty expensive, yes.