To buy or not?

I just found out my funds are already through my bank! Yay! Meaning, I can go shop for a bit. I’m thinking of getting a class 10 mini SD card and try that memory swap for my phone so it’d have more storage – more fun. But yeah, then I also want to buy a portable wifi device (I think that’s around 4k though). I’ve been thinking it’s a more advisable utility for me since I bring around 2-3 gadgets which means I need wifi with me, everywhere! It would save me a ton as well since I spend 300 PHP a month and that only works for one device. If I had that, I can use my internet with all of my device anytime and anywhere (as long as I have battery!)

But I’ve got a feeling that I’m hoarding too much gadgets lately since I bought yet another phone (and I still want to pursue the other mobile phone which I liked actually). Is that weird? I think so not since there are also those who collect silver eagle coins and other random things. It’s just like an outlet of passion and stress for me.