Goodbye Drawing Notebook.

My notebook got drowned because mom forgot to hook off the washing machine hose – so funny it is coincidentally somehow the same with my horoscope which I read after. Good thing I was able to save most of my drawings though, at least, I think…

I never get to actually work on my plans because I always do house chores lately – with devotion. I want to help mom out or at least, lessen her activities at home which is somehow good but I wonder if she really appreciates it at times.

Summer Kawaii Goodness!
Summer Kawaii Goodness!

I mean, there are still more times that she sees what I’m not doing rather than what I am really doing. Not that I want to complain. But often I just shrug all her complains off. It’s like I suddenly lost the will to complain because I got tired knowing I’d never win. I look at it as an opportunity to learn how to be responsible in a way…besides, I don’t want to go to work – for now. But often I feel so lonely because both of them (mom and Christian) are always tired, telling stories about work, not minding my issues…never mind.

I don’t want to be sad! So, I’ll just move on with this anyway. How’s my drawing right here?:) It’s one of my favorites.