Track Smarts: Reviews for your music

I’ve always loved downloading applications for my smartphones. Once I find a good application, I make it a point to leave a comment on how I feel about it – I feel that this is how you can motivate the creator of the application to improve his work further, then I also rate it.

I think it’d be nice if this can be applicable with songs. So often, artists from here and there just pop up with a song I don’t really know or feel at all. This makes me want to reach out to the song artist and composer – maybe, I can say how the song can improve more?

This is why, upon finding out  about Track Smarts I immediately wanted to share about it! This could be the best way that we fans, can let our favorite artists (and even the not-so-favorite ones) know our sentiments about their music.

With this service, fans can leave a comment and rate the song of an artist just like how we did on our smartphones with the applications. Cool, isn’t it?


Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.

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