After a long time, we checked the free hosted websites (if they were following rules) and made some edits in some of our pages. Been really busy with work and school (admin). Anyway, free hosting is open again. You can check our Freebies page. But we’re only hosting domains, no subdomain hosting at this moment.

The $5 domains are also over, so instead of adding up $5 to have a TLD domain (.com,.net,.org) you’ll have to add up $10. Sorry for this, but the domain registrars are having price hikes as well! :S

But then again, you will still get free .info domains with basic plans paid yearly. We did it this way instead of a price hike for the hosting plans.

We are now accepting Unionbank Transfers/ UnionBank Bank Deposit too. I should have thought of this earlier. But we are no longer accepting SmartMoney transactions because I never heard frm Smart again after applying for a card, I don’t have time to deal with it yet.

Clearing things up…

*For those who purchased Basic Plans that are yearly paid, the free .info domain is only free for the 1st year. You’ll have to add up $9 for the renewal of your domain.

*Inactive free hosted websites (2 months or so) will be suspended WITHOUT prior notice. If you don’t message us within a total of another 2 months after suspension, we will permanently terminate your account.

*Free hosted websites without a link back in their footer/sidebar will be suspended as well, after 2 months if they do not contact us about it, we will terminate it permanently too.

*The link back has to be at your footer or sidebar!


That’s all for now. We were going to update after having a new layout, but it seems like I can’t do that for now.


AUGUSTFUN – Get a free .info domain with any yearly purchased hosting plan (free for the 1st year)

*Which will make you have 2 free .info domains for purchasing a Basic Plan paid yearly

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