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I am still working on the layout~ Yeah, so sorry guys. My laptop also got broken, so in result I don’t go online often anymore. I just borrow my dad’s. I’m wishing I’ll get a new one soon but I don’t think that’s not going to happen any sooner. I feel really sad about it but well, fate decides.

But just to let you know if you need any help do not hesitate to email me. And also here are the available hosting plans (as I have not fixed the pages yet)

Shared Plans

Rainbowdot [$5/year] - 20 G, Unlimited Bandwidth, 100 Subdomains – Addons – Parked Domains – FTP Accounts – Mysql DB – includes Cpanel, Softaculous and others

Rainbowdash[$8/year] - 50 G, Unlimited Bandwidth, 500 Subdomains – Addons – Parked Domains – FTP Accounts – Mysql DB – includes Cpanel, Softaculous and others

Rainbowbox[$12/year] – Unlimited Hosting Plan

*All of them includes a free .info for the first year only. If you want to have a .com,.net,.org you have to add up additional $10 – $15. Depending on the domain you wish to buy.

Reseller Hosting

What is Reseller Hosting? With a Reseller Hosting account, you can build your own hosting company. You can host websites too – and they will all have their own cPanel accounts and etc.

Rainbowdash[$15/year] – 150 G, 150 Everything, Unlimited Bandwidth

Rainbowstar[$20/year] - 500 G, 500 G Everything, Unlimited Bandwidth

Rainbowmaster [$25/year] - Unlimited!

*Free .info domains for the first year, and free .com/.net/.org domain if you purchase Rainbowmaster, yearly.

I still haven’t thought about the monthly payments. Also as soon as we reopen, expect a sale! Yay. God bless you everyone :)

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