The new layout is up!

But all pages are still inaccessible. Haha sorry, I was just so excited to put it up. I’ve been working on it for almost a week, I usually stop whenever I had to do something else. I’m not a pro, but I hope you like this one 🙂

I am accepting orders just so you know, you can always email at I’m selling both shared and reseller hosting now. You can ask for a price list when you email me.

Also, I will be sending out your new information (an information of your registration, your domains’ registration and etc) some of them are expiring. And it’s for you to find out your new hosting renewal date since I extended you all for 4 months with unlimited hosting due to what Nolimitshost had caused us.

I’ll work on the pages again tomorrow, there’ll be lotsa of new stuff, promos (?) or contests(?) I’ll let you know, just follow our tweets! I will also be implementing a subscriber feed for you guys to just subscribe to our blog so you will get updates (I just hope you’re checking emails and that you will subscribe) I also took down the news page already (previously Read the updates here on the site from now on.

Then I plan to put on a live chat, so if ever I’m online and you need something you can easily contact me!

And oh, we now have our Facebook page! Please do Like us, (just click the link above) I’ll be posting updates there too.

So there, this isn’t much update but at least there’s something over here. God bless!