Back where I belong?

This is..

Well, it says it all! But honestly I am not so back much in blogging, as you can see my last updates were like, last week. Still, I do check my blogs, my email, my social networking accounts. I usually go online via my iPod or mobile phones given the opportunity they are wifi 8D

But I was surprised to see this in my dashboard. Actually I have been thinking of plans of coming back to blogging fully, like, I want to make a layout for ze other pink blog. I need to practice my web designing schools too y know, I need a portfolio too because I’ll be on OJT next semester however…

THESIS SUCKS. huuuu. I need an online job again too as I have bills to pay and some stuff to save up. A friend recommended me to try out Technical Writer Jobs. I was doing writing jobs before. But I kind of stopped because I was like, brain drained! LOL. I do admit it was great because through writing I got to express myself, earn bucks to buy stuff I needed and wanted.

But for now, I think I’ll stick to blogging. It’s more fun!

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