Happy Christmas!

We’ll, we haven’t updated. Again~ for almost one month. But here we are! Sorry for last time’s unfortunate event (down times) and honestly, up to now we are currently having problems with our server owners (NLH) but don’t worry, we’ll be somewhere else soon!

Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you all have a great Christmas, spend your day with your loved ones and family with all your might.

For the downtime you guys experienced I am also going to have something for you ~ 1 month extension. Yes! And it’ll be free, so don’t worry. I’ve noted here when your orders were purchased, all you need to worry about now are your domain renewals. You have 1 month free~!

We’d like to thank Abby for the cute layout! You’ve done really great! I like the navigations the most!!<3

You guys should check out her contest as well in her website (pinkthoughts.info)

I hope you check your email regularly as well, especially for free hosted website owners ~ we had important updates for you during the past three days and we hope you read them.

God bless and advance Happy New Year everyone!

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