If I had my own room

I know I’m too old to still dream of owning my own room but even at this age I still dream of having one. I always imagine of what I can decorate it with and how I will plan the arrangement of my stuff! I wonder if I’d keep it clean or messy, what do you think?

Comfy comfy!
Comfy comfy!

I have often thought of learning about the different types of cabinet organizers because having those in your room are really ideal. Then, I keep on planning the design I would have, I would fill it with all the things I love!

While I still don’t have one, I know that in time I’ll be able to fulfil all of these plans and wishes. I just know it with the heart!

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  1. I am busy decorating my room this year too. I managed to setup a simple walk in closet a few months ago. It’s tiring but the result is worth it.

    Soon you will have you own room.. or perhaps, your own house. Just keep on dreaming and work hard for it.

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