Multi-blogging, baby~

I wonder if I can keep up with this – I’m blogging on 5 blogs almost everyday! Haha, the other day (yesterday) I didn’t feel like doing so. And other than that, I am tied up with hosting admin duties and other things that keep me busy. I wish I had an assistant or something. I used to think boyfriend would support me on this but I guess in the end, no matter what you try to do, your partner and you are different people.

Anyway, I’ll just share to you this photo of happiness lol

Bear Slumber Party LOL
Bear Slumber Party LOL

Tweety gate crashed. JK. Christian gave most of them to me except Rilakumma, it’s actually a bag disguised as a stuff toy. Anyway, I’m so sleepy yet I still need to finish a layout. My eyes are dropping 😐

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