So this is Christmas!

Uwa~ December’s going to be really near! In fact, it’s just in a few days. It’s really starting to get cold in the mornings (making me sneeze a lot, err)

Many are also planning for parties and some company picnic even! Isn’t it wonderful? I’m thinking of making my gift list too as soon there will be panic in stores! I’m currently shopping for the gift for myself now too, despite many tries of not buying it – I think it’s about time I give myself a prize :)

For the record, I haven’t shopped for like, 5 months! Online or offline. I only always buy things I need daily. Before, I spend so much. But now I could save about 6k PHP a month ($150). Yay for me! But honestly I have a long way to go because I want to do this for like, 5 months until my regularization at work and my birthday. I’m on the 2nd month and it’s great :)

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