Very tiring day.

Today we finally did that graduation photo shoot. It was cool. Okay, except when I saw my creative shot. I looked so huge in the picture it makes me feel like I should not eat anymore in my whole life 😐

The other pictures were fine though, I guess I made a mistake in choosing that costume. Another thing I detested was the long line. Imagine, we got there at 7 am, we were done at 5 pm. LOL. I just can’t wait to get over this graduating thing. Anyway, here are the two girls I’ve been with all throughout the day with the line, with the pictures, with the costume!

Bea & Charmaine here :)
Bea & Charmaine here 🙂

Aren’t they charming? 🙂 Haha. I’ll be off to get some rest now because I am exhausted. zZZZ

Oh, our graduation pictures won’t be given until further notice. So yeah, am not going to post any here for now:(