Been a busy bee!

Besides sleeping, house chores and exercising I keep myself busy with trying to layout again. Finally! I’m firstly working on my personal blog.

Then, the other day, I also shopped at Ebay. Most of the stuff I buy are usually from Hongkong, Korea and China. It takes so long to get here 🙁

But it isn’t so bad, after all these stuffs cannot be found anywhere here in our country. I badly wish too, that somehow there was a way to shop in famous US stores as well without paying expensive shipping fees. There are times there are things I like from US countries and I end up just trying to console myself for not getting it because come on, would you buy a thing when you’ll have to spend more with shipping fees!

I guess I need ro look coupon codes for that! It would be really awesome to get fancy things you can never find locally – right?

So I really will on my next online shopping spree! I’m still saving. I don’t think I can keep up though, it’s been pretty hard! But I can manage…I guess 🙂