Here we are again.

Hanging out at Webhostingtalk again to look for a new, decent host. Well, honestly, I tried to runaway from this crap. I figured I was already fed up dealing with hosting clients who doesn’t seem to understand how things work..they think, it’s not all easy.

I haven’t been really enjoying the online life as much as before partly maybe, because I got bored and I am really not pleased with some of online people who are quite annoying. Sometimes, I really know they can do things on their own but instead they tend to depend on you even if it’s no longer your responsibility but only their stupidity.

I sound harsh I guess, but yeah, I really want some nice long vacation from going online and doing online errands. It’s not like it’s fun after all by the end of the day I say to myself – NOT AGAIN.

But well, I need to deal with it, WHILE I CAN. So much for a pretty post, sorry for the rant.