Future Plans?

Graduation is approaching, I don’t even know yet if I will really graduate loljk. But of course I’m anticipating I will. The more days pass by, the more I think of what will happen to me after I graduate because all these years, I have been dreaming but as time went on it changed, changed again and now I’m confused.

I’m not really decided yet, but I’m more of thinking of having a business rather than working. LOL. After all this time eh? My mom says I should take some business course then, I disagree. Actually I just want to stay at home but a high-line business would be cool, that would need a proper Retail System though which might be expensive. But I guess I can invest.

This is funny that it makes me feel I’m getting so old. Haha. Oh well, whatever the future holds – I will just let the wind blow as it should.