Choosing Flattering Nursing Scrubs


Scrubs are required for a number of different jobs, from medical office staff to x-ray and sonogram technicians to, of course, nurses. You can find nursing scrubs for sale practically anywhere these days. There are specialty boutiques that offer custom scrubs in cute patterns, online retailers with an array of styles and brands, and you can even purchase scrubs at your favorite discount department store. Before you grab a few sets of the first scrubs you see, though, make sure they look good on you. When you feel attractive, your attitude shows it and you will be happier in your work. Following are several factors to consider when shopping for new nursing scrubs that flatter your figure.
If you have a pear shape, which typically means a slender neck, narrow shoulders and waist with a wider bottom, choose wide necklines such as scoop or V-necks to show off your lovely décolletage and collarbone. Puffy or lacey sleeves will provide balance, as will nursing scrubs with wide legged pants. If you enjoy wearing bright colors and patterns keep them on top and opt for darker solid colors on the bottom.
Apple shapes tend to have leaner legs, somewhat narrow hips and wider waistlines. For this body shape, choose nursing scrub tops with a V-neck to draw the eye to your neck and face. Empire waistlines along with cinched-waist tops, such as faux wraps, belts or straps that tie in the back help your waistline appear smaller, and vertical lines or patterns will add the illusion of height. Choose tops that fall at just above or below widest part of hips and low-rise pants with back pockets
If you have a rectangular or straight body shape, choose nursing scrubs with deeper open necklines and cinched waists or belted waistlines to give an illusion of deeper curves. Opt for straight-legged or slightly flared bottoms, and small pockets on the back of your pants will help your bottom seem a bit more ample.
Finally, if you are fortunate enough to have the classic hourglass figure, show off your curves with V-necks or scoop necks. Wrap tops and fitted jackets will boast your slender waistline and wide leg or flared pants will provide balance.