Someday dream :)

When I was in high school, I always imagined me and the boyfriend on our wedding day. I’ve already noted the song I want while walking the aisle – my favorite song which was Toradora’s OST.

But I know it won’t be after we graduated of course. When we stepped in college, I thought we’d be running away from home at some point lol but of course no one wants that. Then during 3rd year I have anticipated that there won’t be an early wedding or so, I know he needs to support his family being the eldest.

I do miss wearing a ring. We used to have a ring! It was sort of an engagement ring as high school lovers, meh. It got lost then his got broken. Oh well. Guess it’s time for a new one, I’ll tell him later about these stainless steel partner rings because they look extravagant, classy yet loving.

Teno Partner Rings, love <3
Teno Partner Rings, love <3

I wonder when Christian will buy a new pair of ring? Hmm. On another note, the song “Daydreamer” by Someday Dream is very timely for this post so I made it a title, because to be with him is my dream…someday it will come true 🙂