You’re burning me out.

My mom’s been so annoying lately. FIRST. She didn’t give me my grandma and grandpa’s graduation gift. It’s fine, I’m not talking. I’m not complaining because she’s saying she needs money for the rent and all. Okay that’s fine.

But she’s repeatedly showing disrespect. I’m talking to her nicely and peacefully reminding her about things – she talks back sharply like she just want’s to spell out “I DON’T CARE, I’M THE BOSS HERE”. She keeps on saying she’s tired. That’s fine. But for goodness sake! All people get tired!

I’m getting tired of being patient and understanding. She won’t let me have my room all to myself, she says I’m being selfish whenever I remind her about their stuff at my room. She doesn’t care. She would tell me I’m selfish. Whenever I try to organize my room to my liking, she disarranges everything to her liking.

LIKE.. WTF? It’s worse than what we were in our old home. So, as much as I want to do as my aunt and dad pleases. I CANNOT. I CANNOT TAKE THIS ANYMORE.

I’ll show her I don’t care either. I’ll mess up this fucking room. She keeps saying mean things whenever I’m trying to just talk to her in a good manner. She keeps talking to me like I’m some crap. I cannot, I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. Maybe I’ll just take suicide.

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